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Emotional Wellness WorkShop

Join Yogini and Healer Cassandra Vitale Owner of FreeSpirit Yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner and Intuitive Carmen Sima of Mother Earth Ayurveda as we share practical, yet effective methods to
empower our emotional intelligence,
reduce stress,
reduce anxiety,
and relieve depression,
while supporting our peace of mind and overall health.

Prepare to embrace a deep empowerment as well as, an emotional clearing evening with these two powerful healers.

We will guide you through ancient and modern techniques that will help you control your emotional response signals as well as, empower your perceptions!

These techniques help move the life force energy when it has become stagnant due to fear, stress, anger or any other disempowering emotion. They are not only good to support emotions but also radiance and vitality!

$35 at the door
$30 in advance
Cassandra @ cassandra-vitale or
Carmen @ carmen-sima
other payment options available. DM for questions.

3910 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach Ca 90807

We look forward to this sharing evening with you.

Thank you.
Carmen and Cassandra


Cooling Summer Series

Join Ayurveda practitioners Carmen and Sanja, as they take you on an empowering and harmonizing journey of the senses. Experience healing self care rituals to align mind, body and spirit with the cycles of mother earth.

It is important to understand the interconnectedness of our bodies and the season. By aligning our energies, we can activate our highest healing potential, while pacifying any excess fire which can accumulate during the summer. (Signs of fire imbalances can express as; irritability, unstable emotions, skin irritations, acid reflux, fever, infections, heavy bleeding, headaches, dryness, nosebleeds, hot flashes, disturbed sleep, and other seasonal ailments that can even lead to constipation etc.)

What would it feel like if we felt balanced and in the flow with this season? Well, by learning how to harness the sun's potential intelligently, we can balance our bodies and create joy, radiance, mental acuity, fortitude, courage, better immunity, positive energy and healthy "agni" (digestion). Ahhh, doesn’t that sound better than being uncomfortable with excess fire symptoms? YES! Yes it does. You see, by embracing the ancient wisdom we can all have a better chance at expressing our positive attributes and enjoying the adventures this season has to offer!

Trust that these two dynamic and loving healers will nourish your senses, soothe your mind, balance your fire, activate your joy and share a beautiful way to honor your human existence! :)

Join us for one or all three of these holistic voyages!

Each will be delicately planned and curated for your optimal enjoyment and sensory healing experience.

August 10th 11am -1:30pm | Eat, Savor, Soothe:
A three course decadent Ayurvedic meal with sacred ceremony to honor the nourishment of mother earth. Gather with like minded souls to enjoy quality connections as well as, learning how to support your digestion during this season. Embrace ayurvedic wellness guidance.
RSVP by Sunday August 4th. $53

August 16th 7 -9:30pm | Chandra "Moon" Healing Experience:
Imagine being under the stars, resting upon the grounding earth, while bathing with the full moon's energy as you receive traditional ayurvedic body and shakti energy healing. Combine this with a deeply cleansing guided moon meditation and yoga nidra around a crystal grid altar. Delicious ayurvedic cooling dessert and tonic served. (Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and an altar item.)
RSVP by Sunday August 11th. $63

Aug 24th 11am-1:30pm | Ayurvedic Energy Medicine:
Receive a summer Chakra alignment through cooling seed sound chanting, specific pranayama breath-work, restorative yoga, Aromatherapy and Visual Color Yantra Therapy. A dynamic sensory experience for achieving a calm and radiant state of being.
RSVP by Sunday August 18th. $43

Each one of these workshops will be delicately planned and curated for your optimal enjoyment and sensory healing experience.

Purchase the series by August 3rd for the promotional rate of $143 (valued at $159).

Payable via Venmo to
Sanja Oropeza @kevalawellness or
Camen Sima @Carmen-Sima

Or connect for alternative payment methods by August 3rd.

We are in deep gratitude to co-create and share these summer wellness offerings with our community.

For additional questions please connect:
Sanja (714) 280-2416 kevelawellenss@gmail.com
Carmen (562) 441 3014 m.carmensima@gmail.com

Peace and blessings.