Important encounters are planned by the soul long before the bodies see each other
— Paolo Coehlo


Intuitive Reading Session:  Bridging dimensions to access a deeper level of guidance from the spiritual realms. This session begins with a 10 min meditation which allows me to tune into the frequency of the individual receiving the reading. These readings are highly beneficial to anyone seeking a higher level of guidance. Every session is unique because the guides can take us into different timelines of the individuals soul. At times even an alternate version of the self is revealed in order to provide wisdom that can open the consciousness of the receiver. Guides can be guardian angels, family members, friends, ancestors, high level beings from other dimensions etc. Only beings of light. I recommend bringing in a set of questions and you may record your session as well.

Session $150   1 Hour and 20 minutes. 

The spirit world is far more sophisticated, far more beautiful and far more alive than is the physical world. As our loved ones pass on we must celebrate their passage into the light of blissful awareness.
— Carmen Sima


Spirit Journey Healing Session: This is different for everyone but it is my most popular service and it is difficult to describe because it is very personal and unique experience. We begin by setting an intention that supports your current life, soothing meditation music is played as we begin a few minutes of  breathing exercises.  I make an energetic connection with your  higher mind, spiritual guides, and guide you through a channeled guided healing meditation.  (On occasion, a loved one from the other side will also provide a message.) The guidance is nourishing, grounding, and deeply supportive.  At the end, we ground into mother earth allowing you to integrate this higher vibration and opening.  The difference with this and the previous one is that you are simply receiving the energy and guidance it is passive.  

Session $150    1 hour and 15 minutes


Book a Group Channeling:  Experience divine guidance from your spirit guides and loved ones.   These are intimate and can be very profound for all the participants.  We begin with a guided and peaceful meditation that relaxes the senses, releases tension and stress.  This creates a sacredness within and without allowing  the guides to share their messages.    Each individual receives a reading, unless they opt not to.  A group of 6-8 (10 max) is ideal for this intention.  I provide ceremonial delights such a frankincense, sage, essential oils music, and a soothing Organic Rose tea to cultivate a beautiful experience for all.

Approximately 3 hours $65 per person.  No charge for the hostess. 



House Clearing and Blessing:  Our homes, like our minds and bodies- offer an energetic frequency based on their environment.  For a healthy home resonance it is recommended that they be cleared of stagnant, heavy and negative energy.  This is a practice I grew up with in my home as I learned this from my mother who was very tuned into the energy of peoples homes. Even when the home owners are in good space, it is recommended that a house be cleared to open the vibration and allow new energy and a freshness, a lightness to the home. This promotes a healthy attitude and mental clarity while helping us relax in our sacred space.  

Each home is different and I have various methods of clearing them depending on what the intention and new energy is being called in or being asked to remove.  A 30 minute call is required to make an assessment prior to visiting the home. Typically, my methods include energetic clearing by using strong energetic vibration of the heart while burning various plants such as sage, rosemary and others depending on the situation.  A powerful vedic prayer is offered to the home and mantras are played towards the end to seal in a positive intention.    I teach you everything so that you can continue this practice.   

Session $250     1 hour and 30 mins      Connect via phone or email 562 441 3014 or email   




I am an intuitive and an "empath," one who feels the feelings of others and the energy of the environment.   As a child, I did not understand my nature and isolated myself often to not feel the sensations I could not comprehend.   I often felt cursed, overly sensitive and introverted.  As I grew older, I gained insights that changed my perception of these sensibilities which helped me become empowered.  I learned how to eat for optimal balance and what to avoid altogether.  I always knew that eating healthy helped.  I became an Ayurveda healer to support my family and community, but it served ME on much deeper levels and opened me to higher states of consciousness which actually enhanced these gifts.  

I've always gravitated towards mother nature because of her beautiful healing effect on the senses.  Her essence is medicine and her graceful gravitational forces are like a field of love for us her children. Her resonance strengthens and grounds the intuition, naturally aligning us with our own healing.  It is organic and unconditional.  By maintaining a healthy connection with mother nature and keeping a healthy self care routine, I can easily navigate between the spirit and physical dimensions.   I have channeled many spirits, guardians, and beings from other dimensions.  We are inter dimensional too.  At times alternate versions of ourselves provide guidance too.  Trust that this is real.  It took me a while to integrate it but, this connection and awareness has had profound impact on my human journey.  We are not alone. 

It is incredible to see the love that these beings have for us.  These inter dimensional  messengers are grateful and eager to connect and support our human journeys.

Being a channel has propelled my spiritual awakening.  I no longer feel cursed, instead "I am honored to serve" as I now understand that my soul has chosen this path to support others in their awakening too.  I have learned that as an “Empath” I have the power to empath on the highest powers of creation which shield me from lower vibrations. This has made all of the difference! I have learned how to tune into the right vibrations and I now spend my days teaching others how to do the same.


Carmen Sima 

It is a wise plan to heal our minds and hearts because our sensibilities will become our superpowers.
— Carmen Sima