"I had a wonderful experience in my session with Carmen Sima.  I had come to her to get my body and hormones back in balance to prepare myself for the possibility of having a baby.  She is very attentive and soothing. Every detail had an intention from the sacred rocks I held in my hands to the blessed water I sipped at the conclusion. She is a gifted healer who knows how to harmonize the mind, spirit and body.  She gave me dietary instructions, tea recommendations, meditations and relaxation techniques.  You leave the session with practical approaches which helped empower me during this process.  She radiates compassion, knowledge and ability to help raise our collective vibrations. I will make another appointment soon."

Mindy Smith, Yoga and Health Professor West LA College,  Culver City CA


"I had the great fortune of enjoying an amazing Shirodhara treatment from a magnetic, calm and peaceful Practitioner named Carmen Sima. The treatment was soothing, relaxing and I felt the energy flowing all around me as Carmen shared her therapeutic skills and patient healing. I left feeling good and with a new understanding of her precious art. This practice renews you and gets you in touch with how to give and receive love to yourself and others! Carmen is beyond compare in the Holistic Community and I loved her lovely office and I could walk from my house in Belmont Shore! The best hour I have spent in months!"

Rondi Colson- NLP Practitioner, Long Beach CA



"This was not a normal healing session by any means, Carmen possesses a keen intuition, coupled with a spiritual depth that has affected my life on levels I can not describe with words, not to mention relief form my physical pain. Carmen was recommended to me for a physical ailment in my hip flexor but most impressed me immediately was her deep intuition, sincerity and compassion. After my FIRST session the pain reduced by 50%! I highly recommend Carmen to anyone who wants more than just dietary and herbal recommendations as she digs deep into you and gets to the root cause of your pain; both emotional and physical yet in the most gentle way. Carmen's energy embodies the full healing essence of divine mother earth and her vibration and intent reconnect you to your true divinity providing a beautiful healing."

Ron Ario- Regional Director Sell State, Redondo Beach CA



"I have been coming to Carmen Sima with a lower back problem for  a year now and I am extremely happy with the results.  Carmen has been performing Ayurvedic treatment specifically Kati basti using very healing oils and herbal aromatherapy.  Every time I have left, I have been amazed at the improvement in my back.  Carmen is a very passionate healer and it shows in the results.  I walk out of her office standing straighter, moving easier, and feeling marvelously relaxed.   She has much knowledge about herbal remedies and general wellness.  I highly recommend Carmen as she has done much good for me."

Henry Falk- Distinguised Engineer Samsung Electronics, Long Beach CA



"Recently I allowed myself the joy of working with Carmen and had a completely wonderful Ayurvedic experience.  Carmen is a caring, nurturing, compassionate healer who breathes life into the patient/healer relationship.  There was such kindness, genuine caring and warmth in connecting with Carmen.  I have absolute faith and trust in Carmen.   She opens space for candid, sincere communication and healing to take place.  It’s easy to see Carmen is passionate about her work and she brings a wealth of knowledge and spiritual energy to her practice.  She will guide you to your highest and healthiest self."

Peter Phelps - Network Engineer, Long Beach CA



"Carmen is an absolute angel!

Working with her is like  a breath of fresh air~ I left my session feeling energized and uplifted, not at all heavy and depleted like the way I came in. There is a certain lightness to her being which translates harmoniously into her practice, she is professional yet lends a kindness and caring to her clients and tailors each session to the requirements of the client and their wellbeing. 

My session included a consult, energy work, meditation, oils and a massage~ deeply relaxing and it felt so heavenly! During the times when issues/emotions would arise, Carmen was gentle, supportive and helped me through. I felt safe, comfortable and nurtured the entire time... very important to me. Post session, in addition to feeling tons better, I was able to sleep through the night (insomnia was one of my complaints) and noticed some very interesting shifts occurring in my life. I wonder... how does it get any better? :) 

FIVE STARS, because Carmen's work with me didn't just end after the session... she follows up and checks in as I integrate back into my life. Talk about great support system! I highly recommend Carmen Sima and will be returning to her again."

Marie Posa, Co-Founder at LoveJoy Cerritos, CA



"The benefits that I have gained from our first meeting have been endless.  My life has been blessed with insight on self-awareness & self-love.  Understanding my individuality, not only in regards to my constitution, nutrition and the self-care I need to practice; but in regards to my desire to share, inspire & assist others in healing.

"For a long while I refrained from walking in my purpose due to not being sure of how I would be received and accepted.  I was raised to be a pleaser and that is how I made my life moves; please my parents, please my friends, please my lover, please my boss, please whomever so that I can have what I thought was going to be harmony.    I actually gave myself more heartache because I was not being truthful to my core which made me "different.”  Being different, I now accept more and more every day!  In that acceptance,  I have become much more grounded and I feel my roots.  I no longer feel flighty and unsure of what I am meant to do, say or how I feel.  I look forward to continuing my growth on this path we have started.  I am excited for many more to experience the healing vibrations that Carmen Sima gives. Thank you Carmen!"

Marissa Toussaint- 19 Entertainment Long Beach CA


"Carmen, I am so glad our paths have crossed. You are such a blessing! You have introduced me to a whole new world through Ayurveda. For that I will always be grateful. My health has improved by you teaching me how to honor my doshas. I LOVE the ghee you taught me how to make. Delicious. And so easy. I know I have only seen the tip of the iceberg, but I am ready for more! Namaste."

Iris Lovelace - Galileo International Signal Hill, CA


I have experienced Shirodhara treatment a most divine ancient Ayurvedic ritual to rest and calm the mind at Mother Earth Ayurveda. Shirodhara has a mesmerizing and tantalizing effect and it has been truly helpful for me. I am an elementary school teacher and a full time Grad student. Shirodhara has helped alleviate my stress and reduced my anxiety during exams, as well as helping me stay focused. I highly recommend it! Carmen Sima is phenomenal!!

Anabel Juarez - LAUSD Los Angeles, CA